"Divinity's Chandelier" it's one of my works which became 3D starting from a 2D design. Representing my view on the Divinity's Light and Wisdom, this artwork plays a massive role guiding my artist life and my creations.
After deleting the formulas, I realised that the format is very small. There was no way to go back and resize it. That's why I like to call it "the lost artwork".
On the other hand, it might be a sign...

2015 artwork - Fractal Art


"Divinity's Chandelier" is available only in a white mounting board.

Please be aware that the print size and the frame size are different.
Example: 10"x10" (fits 14"x14" frame).
The first dimension is the artwork print (the window).
The "fit" size is the total size of the item including the mount (the outside).
If you already have a frame, you should look for the "fit" size when purchasing.

You can choose a Regular art print or a Giclee Fine Art print.
A Giclee Fine-Art print matches the galleries and museums quality standards. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and you can be sure that it will last few hundreds of years without losing any detail.
All artworks are printed using archival quality pigmented inks. The fine art paper, the tape and the mount are all acid-free.
All prints are made and mounted in London, courtesy of DPI Digital.

If you have any questions before buying feel free to contact me via email or by phone.

Thank you for purchasing this artwork!