Everyone asked me the same question: what "Pre-TNR" means?
Well, a while ago I had an idea about an art project based on arithmetical repetitions, formulas, and mathematics that is found in nature. I have started the project, even if I felt that was somehow incomplete... I have used teaspoons and some other objects to create repetitions. At that time, there was no name given to the art project.
Then, one day, a brilliant idea stroke: to be the first artist to use only a common free font in my artworks and for that reason, I have called the project "Times New Roman" - you can guess why...

Every single artwork which I finished before the "Times New Roman" idea went into the pre-Times New Roman art project - "Pre-TNR"
The "Pre-TNR" art project is based on arithmetical repetitions, symmetry, formulas and mathematics that are found in nature, and last but not least, inspired by nature itself.

Detailed info about individual artworks